Guests rooms

Do you regularly have overnight guests? When you do this, where do they sleep and save their belongings? Do you give them up in the bedroom to make them comfortable? Or maybe they can sleep on a sofa or couch and then place their belongings anywhere they can find it?

Having a guest room can be a luxury. But if you are lucky enough to have space, why not make one? Your guests deserve it, and you can quickly and economically create comfortable rooms. First of all, based on some ideas for the guest room and guided by the answers to the following questions:

What kind of atmosphere should I create in my room? (Calm and tranquility? Interesting and exciting?)
What furniture does the room need (e.g., bed, dresser, bedside table)?
Do I already have furniture and accessories that I can use? What do I need to buy to complete the space?

After clarifying your requirements for the room, please empty the room (if not already empty). Paint (if this is part of your plan) and take care of all flooring needs, such as carpeting. Bring furniture you already own or have purchased, then take a step back. Before you start organizing, return to the answers to these questions and consider the mood you want to use. Accessories are items that can help you achieve your goals and create an atmosphere, so choose them carefully.

For instance, if you’re hoping to create a tranquil, relaxing mood, try some of these simple, low-cost ideas:

Purchase clearance rack fabric in soft tones like light blue and pale pink, and re-cover throw pillows instead of purchasing new ones.

Gather accessories according to color, and display them in new ways. For instance, if you’re going for an all-white color palette, gather up all the books you have with white covers and stack them on the nightstand.
Add calming touches such as scented candles, alight with a dimmer bulb, and soft fluffy pillows.
There are a variety of features that can enhance the comfort of your potential guests, and make this room more inviting. Conveniences like a television hooked into a cable, a place to connect to the internet, and even a mini-fridge stocked with snacks, are all ways to make a person feel at home in your home.

Accessories such as a mirror, an alarm clock, fresh sheets, and pillowcases are all necessities when putting your guest room together. You can also have a variety of toiletries, and even towels and washcloths available to ensure that their every need is taken care of.

Make sure you include adequate storage space in your guest room. A dresser or small three drawer chest will give your guests a place to store their clothing. Make sure a mirror is available in the bedroom if a bathroom is not next door. This will provide female visitors a place to put on makeup and get dressed in the mornings.

Every guest that enters into your guest room should right away feel at home, so keep the feel of this room very welcoming. Don’t make your guest room the room where you place all that furniture and objects that you do not use. By having a clean, organized room, guests are guaranteed to go to love the room and feel very welcome when they stay within this room.

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