How To Install chandelier in a small room?


Most people may be attracted to the chandelier, but give it up because of the size of their room.

Check out these clever ways to install any chandelier in your home, no matter how small it is or how big the room is.

Chandeliers are often hung in grand city villas and huge country estates, but they can also be installed in everyone’s home. In fact, if you can’t imagine you have room for one, think again.

Choosing the right room and location is key, as is finding the perfect design. Although antique chandelier is usually large and full of crystals, a modern chandelier can be much neater and more refined, even if it is a small space.

Why must the ceiling? In addition to the ceiling, you can find chandeliers elsewhere. You can install chandelier in any corner, utility room or recess. For example, it can be hung on the window frame.

You don’t need to light up all the Spaces. There is a misconception that chandelier is a very big lamp that lights up a lot of space, but when we think about it another way:Bedazzle a corner.

In this utility room, an antique chandelier from the dome antique fair in Texas saves you the drudgery of laundry.

Accept a lower ceiling. Chandeliers and high ceilings can be natural bedmates, but low ceilings just mean you need to choose a light that matches. Here, for example, the glass section of the design is wider than its depth, and the suspended chain can be shortened if needed.

If you install overhead lights above the head of your bed, make sure you have plenty of room to sit while you’re getting dressed.

**A drama over the stairs**. The double-height space above the stairs is usually ideal for chandeliers but does not require a high ceiling above. This home shows how to hang a huge chandelier low, making it a compelling statement piece, seen up close from the top and appreciated from the bottom.

Illuminate a table. If you have room for a dining table, no matter how big it is, then you have room for a chandelier of the same proportions to hang on. The soft light created by the chandelier is ideal for the warm dividing of the dining area.

Rig up flexibility. Perhaps the limitations of space mean that chandeliers are technically appropriate, but they stand out in everyday life. In this case, choose a height-adjustable rope so that the chandelier can be lowered when illuminating, but capstan and in a way that is not used. This makes room in a small room and prevents the work from dominating.

Move it. Find an outdoor chandelier — whether it works or not — and hang it under your garden or pergola to bring the interior style to your outdoor space.

Shrink to fit. Introduce all the glamour of a flickering chandelier – but in a reduced format. Find a true miniature version of a design that feels larger in shape and material, but only part of the size.

Have fun. Or, put it in a totally unexpected place: a garage, a shed, even a chicken coop!

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