What should be paid attention to in the design and decoration of children ‘s room?

Compared with adults, children’s skin is delicate and sensitive to smell. In addition, they prefer lively colors in vision. Therefore, when designing and decorating children’s rooms, they need to pay attention to the following items:


1. The material of children’s room must be environmental protection

Children are extremely sensitive to smell. So we must pay attention to the wall to paint furniture materials. Try to choose paints that are harmless to children and environmentally friendly materials.

In addition, pay attention to the ventilation of the children’s room when decorating the room, and keep the air of children’s room fresh. It is recommended to ventilate the children’s room for one month before moving in, especially every day. When the children’s room is decorated, the daylighting of the children’s room should also be ensured. It’s very important for children’s healthy growth to keep in the sun.

2. The furniture in the children’s room should be safe

Children are easy to move by nature. When choosing furniture, pay attention not to have edges and sharp edges. Try to make the corners of tables and chairs into smooth obtuse angles to prevent children from running into each other. In addition, the bolts and screws in the assembled furniture must be firmly connected to prevent the danger caused by children’s manual disassembly.

3. The toy shelf in the children’s room can’t be raised.

Otherwise, when children pick up and put toys, it is easy to move to furniture or fall when climbing. Furniture in the children’s room must be placed stably. Places with edges and corners should be provided with auxiliary decorations such as cotton-padded covers to prevent children from being bumped. Higher furniture should be fixed on the wall or ground.

4. When decorating and designing the children’s room, you can choose bright colors.

Children’s curiosity is very strong, lively and bright color can give children a positive impact, but also can cultivate and nurture children’s active and lively temperament. But it is not suitable to choose some ghosts and other groups, so as not to cause children’s distorted character.

The most important thing is to consider that the decoration of children’s rooms should be safe, environmentally friendly and healthy, which can not only realize the basic life functions, but also bring children a sense of security and full love, and promote their healthy and happy growth.

Are you going to install a safe, healthy and fun Children’s room?

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